ProHashTag | Keywords to tag CRM records in Dynamics 365

Quickly create dynamic marketing lists by using hashtags to categorize CRM records

  • Create your specific Hashtags to tag leads, contacts or accounts
  • Other entities, such as opportunities, service inquieries, products or any other entity can also be tagged
  • You can see easily, which other records are tagged with the same HashTag
  • Create dynamic marketing lists based on one or multiple HashTags
Saas Standard


€ 1,00

VAT excluded

per User / month

Saas Standard


€ 1,00

VAT excluded

per User / month

Pricing Information: All enabled CRM users are counted (including Read Only users, Admin Only users, Office 365 Global Admins and Service Accounts). A minimum of 5 seats is required.

You want to ease your segmentation of CRM records - so why not simply tag them?

Previously segmenting your CRM records was only possible by creating marketing lists based on standard fields. For any individual segmentation you had to customize specific fields.
Why does it have to be that complicated? With ProHashTag, you can now categorize your CRM records without programming by using HashTags, that can be freely defined by your organisation. Based on one or multiple HashTags, you can quickly and easily create dynamic marketing lists. It has never been easier to reach out to your target group!

How it works...

System requirements

ProHashTag is working with the following versions of Microsoft Dynamics:

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016*
Microsoft Dynamics 365

*With our technical solutions, we always keep pace with the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics Customer Engagement. That’s why we focus on this latest version and only offer updates for it.

ProHashTag Functions

Different user roles to ease the use of ProHashTag for your employees

  • There are different security roles to select from in ProHashTag.
  • The “ProHashTag Admin” can create and remove HashTags as well as dynamic marketing lists.
  • The “ProHashTag User” is entitled to add exjstjng HashTags to CRM records
  • The “CRM System Customizer” can add ProHashTag to entities in CRM (additionally to contact, lead and account).

You can add HashTags to every CRM record you want to

  • Every ProHashTag user can add HashTags to a CRM record, you do not have to be an Admin.
  • Simply navigate to the record you want to tag – for example, you want to add the HashTag “VIP” to a customers of yours. Open the contact record of that customer and click into the area “HashTag”. Then simply type the word(s) you want to use as a HashTag. When you start typing, a list of potential matches will appear below the word. This makes common HashTags quicker to add.

Quickly create HashTags in Dynamics CRM / Dynamics 365 without any programming

  • To create HashTags in your CRM system, you must own the security role “ProHashTag Admin”.
  • With that role, you can easily create a new tag. For example, you could create a tag “VIP” to specify your very important customers. This HashTag would be connected to the contact entity.
  • Each HashTag applies following CRM rules to one entity – with our example, you would have to create another HashTag named “VIP” to tag for example an account. Using the same name for a HashTag, as for example „VIP“ for lead, contact and account is possible.
  • ProHashTag is already configured for the entities contacts, accounts and leads.
  • If you want to create tags for other entities – for example for sales opportunities, products, service cases etc. – a person with the role “CRM system customizer” can easily add ProHashTag to other entities.

Based on single or multiple HashTags, quickly create dynamic marketing lists

  • As a ProHashTag Admin, you can then quickly create a marketing list based on your HashTags added to contacts, leads or accounts.
  • Staying with the “VIP” – you and your colleagues have now marked a great number of contacts with the tag “VIP”. Now you want to create a marketing list to work with all that contacts in your system that are for some reason “VIP” contacts.
  • Simply select an HashTag and press the “Create Marketing List” button. This creates a new dynamic marketing list named “VIP” (the name is always the same as the selected HashTag), showing you all your “VIP” contacts.
  • Moreover, it is also possible to create a dynamic marketing list based on multiple HashTags. This can be a great way to address people even more specifically. You could for example create a marketing list of contacts that are tagged “VIP” as well as “Potential for Product A”. This allows you to address your potential customers even more specifically.
  • Please note that due to the possibilities of Dynamics 365 it is not possible to create a marketing list including different entities, such as leads and contacts.

Simply create your HashTags in the settings area

You can tag directly in the CRM entity, here for example directly in a contact entity

Create a dynamic marketing list based on one or multiple HashTags

Questions and answers

Is ProHashTag available in several languages?

Yes, ProHashTag is available in all the languages that are available for Microsoft Dynamics CRM / Dynamics 365.

Is cloud operation for ProHashTag possible?

Yes, ProHashTag is available for cloud installations as well as for on premise.

Do I need specific programming skills to create HashTags with ProHashTag?

No. With ProHashTag you can create your own CRM tags without any programming skills, just with a few clicks in your CRM system.

Is it possible to combine several HashTags to create a dynamics marketing list?

Yes, that’s a great way to create a very specific marketing list. You could for example combine tags such as “VIP customer” with “Customer of Service A”  to adress your customers more specifically.