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Create Newsletter with MailChimp directly in Microsoft Dynamics CRM/Dynamics 365

  • Experience professional e-mail and newsletter marketing with ProMailChimp and integrate the field-proven e-mail marketing tool MailChimp into your Dynamics CRM / Dynamics 365 system
  • Quickly create responsive HTML e-mail templates and newsletters – without any programming effort, by using drag & drop and personalize them with data from your CRM
  • Simply send e-mails and newsletters to your contacts, leads or companies directly from Microsoft Dynamics CRM / Dynamics 365
  • Benefit from extensive e-mail statistics (opened and clicked e-mails, etc.) in Dynamics CRM / Dynamics 365 for targeted follow-up actions
SaaS Standard


€ 2,75

VAT excluded

per User / month

SaaS Professional


€ 3,99

VAT excluded

per User / month

Pricing Information: All enabled CRM users are counted (including Read Only users, Admin Only users, Office 365 Global Admins and Service Accounts). A minimum of 5 seats is required.

You are looking for an integrated and extended e-mail marketing and newsletter tool within your CRM system?

With ProMailChimp you have found an extensive and field-proven e-mail and newsletter marketing addon for Microsoft Dynamics CRM / Dynamics 365. Put all steps of a mailing campaign into practice – quickly and without programming skills – from creating e-mails and newsletters to managing recipient lists, the campaign itself and monitoring the success of the campaign by using extensive e-mail statistics.



Standard Functionality

  • Professional E-mail marketing and newsletter tool for Microsoft Dynamics CRM/Dynamics 365
  • Easy creation of responsive HTML email and newsletter templates via MailChimp Drag & Drop Editor
  • Simple personalization of the templates with CRM data (e.g. title, first name, surname, etc.)
  • Click-click Test and send e-mail and newsletter campaigns to contacts, leads and companies
  • Comprehensive presentation of e-mail statistics (openings, clicks, logouts, etc.) in Dynamics CRM/Dynamics 365 for targeted follow-up activities
  • NEW: Timewarp function

Price: from 2,75€ excl. VAT per user / month

ProMailChimp Professional

Professional functionality with Mandrill

  • ProMailChimp standard functionalities for e-mail marketing and newsletter campaigns
  • Plus: Easy creation of personalized, responsive HTML single emails
  • Plus: Click-click Test and send single e-mails including attachments to contacts, leads and companies
  • Plus: Comprehensive presentation of single e-mail statistics (openings, clicks, logouts, etc.) in Dynamics CRM/Dynamics 365 for targeted follow-up activities

Price: from 3,99€ excl. VAT per user / month

How it works...

System requirements

ProMailChimp connects the following versions of Microsoft Dynamics with MailChimp or Mandrill*:

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016**
Microsoft Dynamics 365

*You need to have an active MailChimp or Mandrill account

**With our technical solutions, we always keep pace with the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics Customer Engagement. That’s why we focus on this latest version and only offer updates for it.

ProMailChimp Functions

Enjoy professional and extensive e-mail marketing integrated in CRM

  • ProMailChimp integrates your Dynamics CRM / Dynamics 365 system with the field-proven e-mail marketing tool MailChimp
  • Experience a quick and intuitive handling of e-mail and newsletter campaigns in your CRM environment
  • Make use of all data, functions and statistics within one system
  • Popular areas of use: newsletter marketing, event marketing, seasonal campaigns, etc.
  • Popular extensions: ProWebForm for storing new newsletter subscribers automatically in the recipient list in CRM

Create individual HTML e-mail templates without any programming effort

  • Use the extensive e-mail editor and create individual HTML e-mail and newsletter templates with drag and drop
  • Choose from a variety of layouts and adapt the entire design as well as the content blocks (e.g. text blocks, images, videos, social media buttons, etc.); Adapt templates easily to different kinds of events and your corporate design
  • Personalize your HTML e-mail and newsletter templates with data from the CRM by simply defining placeholders without the need for programming skills
  • Benefit from e-mail templates optimized for smartphones, tablets, desktops and different e-mail clients (e.g. GMX, GMAIL, etc.)

Monitor the success of your campaigns with e-mail tests and detailed analysis

  • Send individual test e-mails or carry out A/B testing in order to ensure that the more promising e-mail reaches your recipients
  • Send e-mails and newsletters to contacts, leads and companies from your CRM system by using static and dynamic recipient lists
  • Get an overview on the e-mails sent, successful deliveries, bounces, opened and clicked e-mails thanks to lists and diagrams that include detailed data for contacts, leads and companies
  • Benefit from these statistics for follow-ups and ongoing optimization of your marketing and sales activities

Questions and answers

Which users of an organization/company can make use of ProMailChimp?

Only those users who have received the required ProMailChimp security role from the administrator can make use of ProMailChimp.

In which languages is ProMailChimp available?

ProMailChimp is available in the same languages that are available for Micrsoft Dynamics CRM.

Where can I find the ProMailChimp functions for carrying out mailing campaigns?

All ProMailChimp functions can be found in the upper area of the ribbon with the other standard functions of Dynamics CRM / Dynamics 365 where you can manage the recipient lists and the e-mail and newsletter templates. The carrying out the campaign is handled in the menu item “Campaigns” in the marketing area.

How adaptable are the e-mail and newsletter templates?

HTML e-mail and newsletter templates can be designed with a high degree of individuality. You can choose from a variety of e-mail layouts and adapt the colors and the format via the editor. Different blocks (e.g. text blocks, images, social media buttons) can be placed in the layout with drag and drop. This way the e-mails can be adapted quickly to different occasions and corporate designs.

Are the mailing templates responsive and are they optimized for different mailing lists?

Because ProMailChimp is based on the proven e-mail marketing tool MailChimp, all e-mail and newsletter templates are optimized for smartphones, tablets, desktops and different e-mail clients (e.g. GMAIL, GMX).

Where can I find the e-mail statistics?

The e-mail statistics can be found in the corresponding marketing campaign directly in CRM.

Is it taken into consideration for future campaigns when a recipient unsubscribes?

Yes. Those recipients who unsubscribe from a recipient list are taken off this mailing list. Campaigns that are carried out via this certain list are then only sent to those recipients who have not unsubscribed.

Is cloud operation possible for ProMailChimp?

Yes. ProMailChimp can be run in the cloud.

How can I personalize e-mail and newsletter templates? Wich CRM data can I add?

E-mail and newsletter templates can easily be personalized by defining merge tags. An e-mail template can be personalized with all standard and custom fields from Dynamics CRM / Dynamics 365. No programming skills are needed for simply putting a placeholder (merge tag) into the e-mail template and choosing from a drop down menu which data from the CRM field should be shown in the e-mail.

Do I need specific programming skills for creating and sending newsletters and e-mails?

No. No programming skills are needed for any of the steps from creating and customizing the e-mail or newsletter template to generating the recipient list and the dispatching of e-mails.

To which recipients can I send e-mails and newsletters?

Mailings can be sent to contacts, leads and companies that are stored in your CRM system, either as static or dynamic recipient lists.