5 simple steps for creating a webform – “Boost your CRM”

Our “Boost your CRM” series features valuable tools which seamlessly complement your CRM system for more efficiency in your daily business. In this edition, we would like to turn the spotlight on ProWebForm by ProAddon-a tool which enables you to create individual webforms with just a few clicks in Dynamics CRM or Dynamics 365.

Webforms for everyone!

As a matter of fact, offering a simple and barrier-free possibility to get in contact is one of the most crucial things on your homepage. This is essential to ensure keeping in touch with potential customers and laying the basis for future business deals. In many cases, users are able to get in contact with companies via contact forms on their websites. But contact forms are only one option of (web)forms. Used as a communication interface between prospects and website owners, webforms appear in many different versions (e.g. order forms, support forms, application forms, login forms, etc.). Nevertheless, the concept ist always the same and very simple: Data put into the form are sent by clicking on a button for being processed on the other end.

5 simple steps for creating a webform …

You are looking for a tool that follows this simple concept? We have the solution for you!-with ProWebForm by ProAddon and Dynamics CRM or Dynamics 365.

This strong combo enables you to create individual webforms in just 5 steps without programming effort. Transmitted data are automatically stored in Dynamics CRM / Dynamics 365 for further processing.

  • Step 1: Create a new form
  • Step 2: Choose the form fields and answer options with a few clicks
  • Step 3: Type in the feedback text which is shown after clicking the send button
  • Step 4: Save the form and embed it into your homepage
  • Step 5: See all transmitted data immediately in Microsoft Dynamics CRM / Dynamics 365

Additionally, you can define the automtic creation of sales opportunities, etc. for every transmitted inquiry for an even better follow-up processing.

… for more efficiency in your daily business

ProWebForm enables you to create perfect communication interfaces between you and your prospects and ensures a seamless storage process of transmitted data in Dynamics CRM / Dynamics 365. Create individual webforms flexibly and without programming effort (e.g. contact forms, support forms, application forms, registration forms, etc.) and embed them in your homepage as often as you like. ProWebForm stores transmitted data automatically and avoids manual data maintainance and data loss.

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