6 top reasons why every company needs a telephony integration

Every company is using the telephone in daily business– in one it is used more, in others less. But really each and every company has to deal in some way with customers, suppliers, partners etc.. And every company is with these people also contact via the telephone. A webshop operator less than a call center, but still there will be phone contacts here.

And thus, any company can benefit from the use of a computer telephony integration (CTI). Through the integration of CTI into your CRM software (Customer relationship Management) you get information about your customers in real time and with every phone call.

Especially in competitive industries – and which company is not competitive these days – it is even more important for companies to make every communication, especially with the customer, as effective and efficient as possible.

So why do you need a computer telephony integration?  Here are just a few good reasons for this:


With CTI you are faster reaching out for your conversation partner

Usually it works like this – you are looking for the one you want to call in your CRM. And then dial this number separately. With a professional computer telephony integration, you immediately search for your contact directly in the application and dial automated.

Keep up to date (as well as your colleagues or employees)

For business customers, there is often a need to inform other team members about relevant information from the customer conversation. This is done with a CTI-CRM integration in two ways. On the one hand, you can upload call notes to your CRM so that all authorized colleagues have access to the notes or see them immediately on the next call with this contact. On your next phone call, you could be the one who can access up-to-date information.

Log your phone activities

Of course, you also see in your CRM system when you were the last mail in telephone contact. This information is therefore also available for evaluations.

Do not worry about permissions

Everyone is allowed to do everything – with ever stricter data protection regulations, this is of course not true, when it comes to sensitive customer data! That’s why companies are almost always divided into business areas. One can see one record, but others can not. For example, the sales department have different requirements for data information than accounting. With a professional telephone integration, you can define different authorizations and roles here as well, so that each employee sees only the data that he or she should be allowed to see.

Save time to focus on your customers

Your integrated information management and communication system spares you time and energy to focus on what really matters: your customers and what they need. Use the time savings to focus on meeting customer needs and not on managing a software system.

Tasks done during the call

You know that – no sooner you end your call,  the next call will come in. With a telephone integration for Dynamics 365, you have the possibility to create various activities such as an appointment, email, service case etc. in your CRM during the call. Or if you have a phone call with a caller that is still unknown to you, you also have a contact or lead record in the telephone integration and thus also in your CRM.


A CTI integration with CRM offers enormous possibilities to build relationships, to manage information and to obtain powerful analyses. And these were just a few of the reasons for networking your phone activities with your CRM.

We are happy to tell you more about other benefits of telephony integration with Dynamics 365.

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