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Efficient contact management provides the basis for a 100% customer orientation and a continuous customer relationship management. But in addition to thousands of customer data, companies also have to manage a vast number of business partner and supplier contacts – and each day new ones are added. All of them need to be populated, maintained and efficiently used in order to get out the best of them. However, data administration is very time-consuming. Therefore, it is essential to keep the effort for data maintenance as little as possible for being able to further focus on the customers and the core business.Characteristics of a successful contact managementA successful contact management implies the collection and storage of all important information about the contact (e.g. contact data but also interests, etc.). This lays the groundwork for offering the right products and services in the right moment, evaluating suppliers and deepening business relationships. Know your customers, suppliers and partners to be successful! – That’s the motto. As a result, choosing the right tool for contact management is crucial. The goal is to find one comprehensive tool covering all needed functionalities for your contact management!Tips for an efficient contact managementThe detailed collection of contact data and the structured management of them are the first steps in the contact management process. The continuous maintenance and using the data at the right time in the right place (e.g. in appointments, for the preparation of sales documentation, during service calls, etc.) ensues and is fundamental for a successful business.

  • #1: Make sure that contact data can be gathered thoroughly via all channels. In your online channels you can use webforms for doing so. Contact forms help to collect detailed contact data and enable an efficient follow-up procedure. Make sure that data will be automatically transmitted and stored in your database after someone clicks on the send button of your webform – this avoids manual data maintenance and data loss.
  • #2: Ensure that contact data stored in your database are automatically displayed with every call for being able to provide individual customer service. It is essential that contact data can be added and updated even during phone calls.
  • #3: Make certain that information out of emails, meetings and other customer touchpoints can be directly stored in your database, even on the go, to guarantee a complete contact history.
  • #4: Use your contacts! Target and inform them about new products, services and promotions using extended email and newsletter functionalities. Make sure that the tool immediately provides extensive email statistics (e.g. who is clicking on which specific link, etc.) for successful follow-up activities and sales pitches.

Efficient contact management not only means storing and maintaining contact data, but rather using them successfully in all coporate activities to strenghten existing business relationships and drive word-of-mouth-distribution.

Are you looking for an efficient contact management solution? – We provide the whole package for you!

  • Using our solution, contact management starts with the detailed collection of data via diverse channels (e.g. contact form on the hompage, phone call, email, etc.). Create individual online forms (e.g. contact forms, newsletter forms, etc.). All transmitted data are immediately stored in Dynamics CRM / Dynamics 365.
  • Additionally, you can manage and maintain all your potential and existing customers, contacts, leads, companies, suppliers, etc. including the whole contact history (all emails, phone calls, appointments, documents, etc.) across the whole company for you and your colleagues – no matter when and where.
  • Using our extended email functionalities, you can send targeted, personalized mass emails and newsletters to your contacts, leads and companies. You can see immediately who is reading them and who clicked on which specific link for successful follow-up activities and sales pitches.
  • Use our solution to connect your contact database with your phone system and see all stored contact data, connected service cases, documents, etc. with every call in a pop-up window on your PC. Access the data via 1 click and search for contacts, leads and companies directly out of the pop-up window without the need to open your database.

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