MailChimp gets started with tags – we do even better!

MailChimp, one of the most known and popular email marketing software, is now also using tags, to label contacts. These individually designable tags should help you to bring your own structur to your contacts in MailChimp. An awesome idea, but wouldn’t it even be better to use tags directly in the system you organize all your contacts, accounts, leads etc.? We think so – that’s why we tag directly in Dynamics 365. Thanks to these tags we are then able to create marketing lists according to our target groups. Those marketing lists are subsequently used to create newsletter directly in Dynamics 365. Our addons are just working together in perfect harmony – isn’t that really awesome?

Even more addons for Email and Online Marketing

In order to get your CRM database all filled up to even think about starting with email marketing, you first of all need to generate leads. Increasingly more leads are generated online – thats why our addon ProWebForm helps you to save all your new leads right in your CRM system. Of course you can also tag those leads, categorize them into marketing lists and finally send emails to them with MailChimp directly from Dynamics 365.




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