Optimize your webforms to win leads

Are you trying to find a way to convert traffic on your website into qualified leads? We’ve collected a few tips to help you use webforms on your website more effectively and efficiently.

#1 Connect your Web Forms with your CRM

Of course, you know that Web forms are important for generating new leads. But do you already store the data of these potential new customers directly in CRM?

Use webforms that are connected to your CRM and store the data directly in the CRM database. No more errors when manually typing names and email addresses – perfect for directing new leads to sales or processing with them in your nurture process!

#2 The less data you have to ask for, the better

Your SEO is working well, you’ll get more and more traffic to your website – yet hardly anyone fills out your forms? Of course, it is tempting to request as much information from potential customers as possible. But honestly, do you yourself like to fill out a page-long web form just to receive some information?

Therefore the rule is strictly K.I.S.S.  – Keep it short and simple! Only collect the basic contact information you need to contact or continue to process the lead.

#3 Be helpful in filling in the fields

People do not like to provide personal, but also company data – it may help to refer to your privacy policy to show that the data is safe with you. Also useful are stored hints, in which format, for example, telephone numbers (with or without country code) need to be entered.

#4 Use the visitor’s interest after filling in!

The website visitor has filled out the form, wonderful! However, you should consider how you can continue to use his interest at this very moment. For example, you could lead him to a page that informs about the latest offers, updates, and price promotions. Or you can concentrate on the product for which he filled out the webform and give another short product overview. You could also forward to a reference page – consider what fits your product, service, and business! Maybe even a simple “thank you” page is the right answer for you!

#5 Consider the request details in further emails

You want to send a reply mail to the lead – like “Thank you for your interest in our products…”? A great idea, but it’s even better to refer to the product which the he is interested in. Like, in our example, “Thank you for your interest in ProWebForm…”

#6 Automatically assign records to your salesperson to enable faster responses

Your leads can fill out a form to learn more about your product, or to download a whitepaper or ebook. How long will it take you to hear or read from them again?

If it takes too long to find time to contact the lead, consider your lead management and follow-up process. The lead is now interested, so seize the opportunity and don’t let them wait to long. Create a simple workflow that salespeople can quickly see where a deal would be possible.

#7 Ask again

Use automated, but personalized emails to check with your lead – does he need more information? Perhaps the trial you created for him, doesn’t work? You will only find out if you ask! Use professional email marketing in conjunction with Dynamics 365 – Read more at our Proaddon ProMailChimp!

Do you like our ideas? We hope you are helpful and your leads come rushing into your CRM 😉


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