Talking to a stranger?

You are the customer calling your business partner– and first of all you need to introduce yourself and explain in full detial who you are and what you need? In short – your conversation partner does not know you.
We all know that situation and experienced it as time consuming, annoying and uncomfortable. But do you know who you’re talking to when the phone is ringing? Does it “only” ring or do you get valuable information about the calling party? Can you see the full name, customer number, open contracts, service requests, or internal notices concerning the customer? Do you have direct access to data from your CRM, calendar, activities and sales processes? No? So you are also talking to a stranger who may already be upset about exactly that circumstance. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to talk to your conversation partner in a personal way and put the focus on his concerns?
Then you should take a look at ProCTI. With ProCTI, offering connection to Skype for business or TAPI, we give you the necessary information about the caller. You don’t even have to start Dynamics 365 or switch between applications. Click to open documents, go directly to open service requests or ongoing sales processes. You will see individual information and/or notes about the customer and create and assign appointments, emails or other tasks during the interview and, by the way, tap your notes. After the call is complete, all information including the talk time is stored in Dynamics 365 together with the caller’s contact details.
Thus, you not only achieve easy handling without switching between systems – you gain time, increase the data quality and can concentrate fully on your Business partner. Whether this increases customer satisfaction? Give it a try!
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