Why Email Marketing is still worth to invest in

 Even though today everything is largely digitalized, many companies still underestimate the potential of email marketing and therefore know only a few success factors. If you belong to such a company, you should dare to take the step and use the possibilities offered by digitization. Using email marketing you can create branding campaigns or send personalized product newsletters, increase your sales and win new customers.  

Email marketing therefore seems to be an efficient communication tool. But what is the best way to do email marketing? We have the answer to this question – our addon ProMailChimp! With this addon we offer you the possibility to integrate the popular marketing tool MailChimp into your Microsoft CRM system. Here you will find an overview of the biggest advantages that email marketing offers you using ProMailChimp in contrast to traditional mail dispatch:  

1. Lower costs
Reduce the cost per recipient to a minimum. The entire process is purely digital. This saves you any costs for paper, envelopes and shipping.

2. Higher speed
With ProMailChimp you can work much faster. The integration of the tool in Microsoft Dynamics saves you many intermediate steps and the delivery of e-mails takes only a few minutes.

3. Easy handling
We have designed ProMailChimp so that everyone can use it. Creating the content as well as sending e-mails is very easy with our addon.

4. Better success control
In contrast to traditional postal dispatch, ProMailChimp provides you with detailed statistics. With just one mouse click, you receive relevant information at a glance, such as opening rate, clicks or cancellations.

5. Interactive communication
Make it easy for the recipient, too! By email marketing you offer your recipient the possibility to answer you directly. You can also use links to refer to further information on your website.

6. No coverage loss
Through consent-based email marketing, only those who are interested in your business will receive newsletters. If the recipient is no longer interested in your products and services, they can unsubscribe from the newsletter. So, you keep your database clean.

7. Room for experiments
Find out what appeals most to your target group. ProMailChimp offers you the possibility to differentiate between top and flop by A/B testing.

8. Higher response rate
Responding to an e-mail is much faster and easier for the recipient than replying to a physical letter. This means that the response rate is significantly higher than for postal items.

9. Easy update of your database
By integrating ProMailChimp into Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you can keep your customer database up to date. The sent newsletter is automatically linked to your contact. 

10. Higher revenue
By integrating ProMailChimp into your CRM system, you get a higher response rate for less effort, which naturally leads to a higher turnover.

As you can see, the integration of our addon offers you many advantages. With ProMailChimp email marketing in perfection is possible for every company size and every industry.

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