Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Microsoft Dynamics NAV®

The Microsoft Business Solution for ERP

Microsoft Dynamics NAV, also known as Microsoft Navision, is a Microsoft Business Solution for ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and merchandise management. This commercial software includes several functions for the successful controlling of strategic and operative business processes such as finance management, asset management, project management, warehouse management, order management, supply chain planning, business intelligence and much more.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Functions

Finance Management

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a financial accounting software with a variety of functions such as budget management, liquidity forecast, assets accounting, asset allocation, bank account control, account management as well as reconciliations and transfers.

CRM – Customer Relationship Management

Microsoft Navision offers basic CRM functions for a well-structured contact management, effective task management and a smooth office-client-integration. Find out more about other CRM functions for optimized marketing campaigns, sales activities, and successful customer service on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM site.

Project management

The extensive ERP system Dynamics NAV also supports you in the area of project management with capacity planning, capacity control, purchase prices and budget management, creation of prognosis and resource planning.

SCM – Supply Chain Management

Microsoft Dynamics NAV facilitates supply chain planning processes such as purchasing, sales, warehouse management and production by offering a well-organized supplier management, order management, calculation management, claims, product management.

Staff management

Staff management with Microsoft Navision allows for an efficient handling of staff resources, employee information, management of absences and financial compensations.

Multi-Language and Currency Capability

Dynamics NAV promotes global competitiveness by supporting several languages and currencies.

Business Intelligence and Reporting

In daily business, Navision also functions as a business intelligence software and creates analyses and reports in real-time for continuous controlling of figures.

Addional Functions

Additional functionalities of this extensive ERP system include time recording, task queues, text modules, cause codes, management of different subsidiaries.

Integration and flexibility

Microsoft Dynamics NAV stands out not only because of its easy handling, but also because of the possibility to connect it with other existing systems and technologies. The combination of Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Office 365 for example gives you an excellent tool for active business management. Extensions with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft SharePoint allow for an optimized contact management, customer service, document management and internal communication. No matter if the solutions are operated on-premise or in the cloud, they create a continuous user interface from the PC to mobile devices.

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